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Educational Development Solutions Group (EDSG) is an international business operations consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. with the regional offices in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Asia, providing integrated, knowledge-driven solutions in business operations, IT services, private sector development, economic growth and governance, human and institutional capacity development. EDSG team transforms sound ideas into sustainable results through effective, efficient and compliant program design and implementation. Our partners’ success is our success.

Our work with micro, small and medium size businesses (MSME) in the US and abroad focuses on the design and implementation of sound business processes in accounting, financial and procurement management as well as compliance. For companies working with development agencies such agencies as USAID, ADB, EBRD or DFID our team provides support in compliance with applicable procurement regulations. We are experts in operational risk mitigation. Our objective is to empower private and public organizations to effectively implement donor-funded programs in compliance with rules and regulations. EDSG brings significant experience in national and international project administration. EDSG's success is driven by empowering public and private organizations to effectively use available donor funding through transparent and compliant program management. Our solutions in program financial and procurement management allow beneficiary organizations to bid for and directly manage development funds in responsible and compliant manner.

Our work focuses on creating enabling business environment, job and income generation through micro, MSME development, facilitation of public-private partnerships (PPP) with large firms, multinationals and civil society. Our solutions improve organizational and sectoral efficiency through workforce development, improved competitiveness, increased access to finance and markets, promotion of trade and investment facilitation.

EDSG’s practice areas:

Business operations and IT services

Scalable system design and full business cycle program support expertise in administrative, financial and contractual management of government and privately funded contracts and grants. Purchasing compliance, audit. Implementation of IDOS™ - pre-accounting project management toolkit for companies with multiple sites of operations. ⇢ ≣

Education and training

Design and implementation of educational and learning frameworks, specialized training and certification programs, and innovative curricula in higher and professional education. IT infrastructure solutions in education. International academic, cultural and professional exchanges.⇢ ≣

Economic growth

Design of national and sectoral economic growth strategies and creation of public-private partnerships leading to job and income generation. Services are delivered through: workforce development; optimization of regulatory and administrative business environment; provision of business development services; facilitation of MSME’s access to finance and markets; customized research and analysis (energy and resources security, food security and safety, healthcare, education and workforce development). ⇢ ≣

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