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Clients | Why you need us?

The main reasons to collaborate with
EDSG are:
⇢ to streamline project
administration capabilities

⇢ to establish efficient and
effective project site operations

⇢ to ensure compliance with
applicable regulations of
diverse donor organizations,
including USAID, World Bank,

⇢ to provide workforce development

⇢ to achieve greater profitability

⇢ to enhance capabilities to
compete in global markets

We provide our clients with:

⇢ substantial experience in implementation
of wide range of programs

⇢ substantial experience ensuring
compliance with procurement, accounting
and internal control procedures

⇢ diverse team of experts including CPA’s,
chartered accountants, attorneys,
contracts, administrators, healthcare
professionals, economists, engineers,
project finance professionals, IT
professionals, public policy experts
and educators

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