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EDSG helps a private university to launch a professional training center dedicated to the life-long-learning (3L) concept.

EDSG India office phone number changed. The new phone number is +91 741 182 1307.

In 2012 EDSG has been working with a private Russian university to establish new academic and research programs as well as to streamline its operations.

EDSG opens its office in Bangalore, India – EDSG Pvt. Ltd. to provide unique services in South and South-East Asia. The company combines unique international knowledge and regional experience and offers exclusive services and solutions in business operations, IT services, education and training and private sector development.

EDSG has established its office in Tbilisi, Georgia, EDSG Ltd., to serve as a regional hub in the Caucasus and Central Asia, EDSG Ltd.

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  • A recipe for sustainability

    A fruitful endeavour

    TOSS the fruit of the oil palm in your hand—a reddish-orange lozenge not much bigger than a chestnut—and it is difficult to imagine all the trouble it has caused. At Carey Island, an enormous plantation run by Sime Darby, a Malaysian grower, more than a million shady palm trees buttress Kuala Lumpur’s outermost sprawl. Workers with telescopic scythes cut down fruit bunches a bit bigger than footballs, which break into pieces on the ground. At an old, clanking mill, where the greasy nuggets are pressed and steam-sterilised, the air smells sweetly of syrup.

    Yet Carey Island is the presentable face of an industry which has done a lot of harm. Driven by swiftly-rising demand for vegetable oils (see chart 1), over the past two decades the spread of oil-palm plantations has destroyed swathes of tropical forest, releasing much of their trapped carbon into the atmosphere. Indigenous people have been chased off land they had long occupied, and the migrants brought in to tend the plantations have often suffered appalling working conditions.


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