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EDSG helps a private university to launch a professional training center dedicated to the life-long-learning (3L) concept.

EDSG India office phone number changed. The new phone number is +91 741 182 1307.

In 2012 EDSG has been working with a private Russian university to establish new academic and research programs as well as to streamline its operations.

EDSG opens its office in Bangalore, India – EDSG Pvt. Ltd. to provide unique services in South and South-East Asia. The company combines unique international knowledge and regional experience and offers exclusive services and solutions in business operations, IT services, education and training and private sector development.

EDSG has established its office in Tbilisi, Georgia, EDSG Ltd., to serve as a regional hub in the Caucasus and Central Asia, EDSG Ltd.

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  • Japanese carmakers: Lots of oomph

    ONE of the conundrums of the car business is that five smaller Japanese firms continue to prosper alongside three giants, Toyota, Nissan and Honda. In theory, those in the second division—Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Subaru—should long ago have merged with rivals at home or abroad, or fallen by the wayside. Daihatsu is already controlled by Toyota, which has a 51% stake in the firm. They all sell 1m-2m vehicles a year. Sergio Marchionne, boss of Fiat Chrysler, once said that 6m was the minimum required for carmakers to have a hope of turning a profit.The second-tier firms seem more determined than ever to disprove the notion that global scale and huge volumes are indispensable. Suzuki is a relative minnow with a strong presence in only one big market outside Japan—India. But not long ago it withdrew from an alliance with Germany’s Volkswagen (VW), which could have helped it sell small and cheap vehicles in developed markets overseas.Mazda, an even smaller firm, gladly parted ways with Ford. The American carmaker began to wind down its stake in 2008 to raise cash and avoid bankruptcy. The two firms had worked together since 1979. Subaru, part of Fuji Heavy Industries, a conglomerate, reportedly chafes at the 16.5% stake that Toyota, the world’s biggest carmaker, holds in it. One obvious solution for the sub-scale firms—mergers with the biggest three—seems a distant prospect...

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