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EDSG helps a private university to launch a professional training center dedicated to the life-long-learning (3L) concept.

EDSG India office phone number changed. The new phone number is +91 741 182 1307.

In 2012 EDSG has been working with a private Russian university to establish new academic and research programs as well as to streamline its operations.

EDSG opens its office in Bangalore, India – EDSG Pvt. Ltd. to provide unique services in South and South-East Asia. The company combines unique international knowledge and regional experience and offers exclusive services and solutions in business operations, IT services, education and training and private sector development.

EDSG has established its office in Tbilisi, Georgia, EDSG Ltd., to serve as a regional hub in the Caucasus and Central Asia, EDSG Ltd.

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  • The cheap, convenient cloud

    IF THERE were a prize for corporate secrecy, Amazon would have an excellent chance of winning. Interviewing its executives can be like pulling teeth. Even trivial details are not revealed, such as the approximate location of the office of Jeff Bezos, the founder and chief executive, in the company’s headquarters in Seattle. Unsurprisingly, then, its quarterly earnings calls are mostly a dull affair. But financial analysts and many in the information-technology (IT) industry will pay close attention when the e-commerce giant releases results for this year’s first three months, on April 23rd. Nearly a decade after it launched Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company will enlighten its shareholders about the size, growth and profitability of its cloud-computing business.

    The disclosure is meant to reassure investors: they are getting worried about Amazon’s chronic lack of profits and the amount of money it is spending—last year the company as a whole invested nearly $9 billion. But the announcement will also signal that cloud-computing (in which data are stored and crunched on remote servers) has come of age: AWS’s revenues are thought to have...

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