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Educational Development Solutions Group My Site: news


EDSG helps a private university to launch a professional training center dedicated to the life-long-learning (3L) concept.

EDSG India office phone number changed. The new phone number is +91 741 182 1307.

In 2012 EDSG has been working with a private Russian university to establish new academic and research programs as well as to streamline its operations.

EDSG opens its office in Bangalore, India – EDSG Pvt. Ltd. to provide unique services in South and South-East Asia. The company combines unique international knowledge and regional experience and offers exclusive services and solutions in business operations, IT services, education and training and private sector development.

EDSG has established its office in Tbilisi, Georgia, EDSG Ltd., to serve as a regional hub in the Caucasus and Central Asia, EDSG Ltd.

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  • Herbalife: Shake, rattle ‘n’ roll

    THE “death blow” that Bill Ackman promised to land on Herbalife this week raised expectations of a dramatic ending to one of the most remarkable battles in the history of Wall Street. On July 22nd the billionaire boss of Pershing Square, a hedge fund, delivered a three-hour presentation that he said would kill off the seller of nutritional shakes and foods by showing it to be a criminal enterprise that preys on the poor. But as he spoke, Herbalife shares ticked steadily higher. The low-point for Mr Ackman—whose fund has reportedly made a $1 billion “short” bet on the company’s share price falling, was when his father asked how close he was to proving that Herbalife is a pyramid scheme. He replied, wearily, “Dad, if you don’t know it by now...”Appearing before an audience of nearly 500, plus 10,000 or so viewers online, Mr Ackman, at times tearful, attacked targets ranging from Carl Icahn, a rival billionaire so bullish on Herbalife he has put five directors on its board, to David Beckham and Lionel Messi, two footballers whose shirts have borne the firm’s name, Madeleine Albright, a former secretary of state who also champions it, and PwC, its...

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